The Daily Mail Reviews ‘A Patch Made in Heaven’ by Dominic Couzens

In the recent Daily Mail review of A Patch Made in Heaven by Dominic Couzens, Couzens was said to be “refreshingly honest”, with “a forensic eye for the creatures he sees, a lifetime’s experience of watching wildlife, and a clear, unfussy style that makes the reader feel as if they are alongside him as he takes his daily walk.”

A Patch Made In Heaven proves that you don’t have to travel to exotic, faraway places to appreciate the joys and wonders of watching wildlife.”

“…in the skilled hands of the author, this little patch of semi-rural England is transformed into an arena for some of the most surprising and bizarre encounters with birds.”

Read the full review here.


The popular view of birdwatchers (or ‘twitchers’) is of people who rush madly from one end of the country to another to tick birds off their lists. But behind the headlines are an army of enthusiasts who do quite the reverse – they stay devotedly within a small local area, their Patch, and enthuse and obsess about the birds within it. They are every bit as committed and eccentric as their far-travelling counterparts.

A Patch Made in Heaven is the diary of a wildlife-watching year in a single square kilometre of southernEngland. Written in wryly humorous style, it details the birds, the animals and the human visitors that turn up and use this tiny parcel of land. It chronicles the delights, disappointments and frustrations that go with dedicated ‘patch-watching’, and also uncovers all sorts of unusual and unexpected details about what we might think are familiar British creatures.

Although the book is set on one particular Patch, the real location is not revealed because most of its wildlife, and most of its events, can be witnessed anywhere by anyone, making A Patch Made in Heaven a great celebration of the British countryside and its wildlife.

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