OUT FRIDAY: The Liberators by James Pattinson

The Liberators by James Pattinson is out this Friday and available to pre-order now with a 30% discount for a limited time only.

Praise for the author:

‘A perennial favourite’ –  Daily Telegraph

‘A crisp storyline and credible characters make it a cracker of a tale’  –  Bolton Evening Post

Here is the official synopsis:

The Liberators by James PattinsonTHE LIBERATORS SYNOPSIS

English adventurer Harvey Landon is alone in New York  –  wanted by the police and with only a few dollars in his pocket. The Theodore Cranefield offers him a job that he can’t afford to refuse. Soon he is driving south with a gunman named Gregg to a rendezvous in Florida with the so-called El Aguila, Ramon Arturo Alvarez, and the tough young Pete. The drama swiftly moves across the hurricane-swept Gulf of Mexico to a country shortly to be ravaged by a volcanic eruption, an earthquake and a revolution in which Landon finds himself unwillingly involved.


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