OUT TOMORROW: Malice in Mind by A.V. Denham

Malice in Mind by A.V. Denham is out tomorrow and available to pre-order now in hardback, with a special 30% discount for a limited time only.

Malice in Mind by A.V. DenhamMALICE IN MIND SYNOPSIS

When Harriet escapes with her daughter, from the abusive Paul, she runs to South Wales where she is taken in by her friend Florence. In her new surroundings Harriet is introduced to James, home from fighting in Afghanistan and owner of a newly inherited garden centre. Attracted to him, needing work, and deciding to settle there, Harriet invests in his business. When a series of unexplained incidents threatens the viability of the centre and Harriet’s cottage is set on fire, there are questions to be answered. Is there an unknown arsonist at work, or someone closer to home? With James’s divorced wife and anorexic daughter still living close by and the very real threat of Paul returning, Harriet is determined to banish her fears and solve the mystery, putting herself in deadly danger…


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