OUT TOMORROW: Scent of Madness by David Wiltshire

Scent of Madness by David Wiltshire is out tomorrow and available to pre-order now in hardback with a special 30% discount for a limited time only.

Praise for the Author:

‘Oh Joy! A properly constructed and satisfying story’  –  Historical Novels Review

‘Wiltshire tells the tale with great sincerity, and with occasional unexpected turns in the plot, so that one is made a believer’  –  Historical Novels Review

Here is the official synopsis:

Scent of Madness by David WiltshireSCENT OF MADNESS SYNOPSIS

As Lieutenant Tom O’Hara investigates several gruesome murders in a large teaching hospital a wave of terror about the escalating severity of the situation is sweeping through the nursing staff. Despite the obscene dissection of the victims’ bodies there are still forensic clues which point to the killer. O’Hara has one suspect, a soldier brought back from Afghanistan in a coma, the victim of a torture he associates with the scent of roses worn by a sinister and unseen woman. The very same scent which is unfortunately worn by Dr Jean Hacker, who works at the hospital…


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