Holy Franchise Batman! Another Trailer!

Holy Franchise BatmanThis week saw the release of a gripping and intriguing new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises – which stars Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. The trailer seems to suggest that, even though the poster claims ‘The Legend Ends’, this particular legend is showing no signs of slowing down just yet.

Gary Collinson’s book ‘Holy Franchise Batman! Bring the Caped Crusader to the Screen’ will be published this June by Robert Hale Ltd, a month prior to the film release of The Dark Knight Rises.

ABOUT HOLY FRANCHISE BATMAN! Bringing the Caped Crusader to the Screen

Since the Caped Crusader first made the leap from comics to silver screen in the early 1940s, generations of audiences have been captivated by the screen adventures of Batman, establishing the celebrated comic book hero as a true icon of popular culture. Now, Gary Collinson traces the entire screen history of Bob Kane’s Dark Knight Detective, providing a fascinating insight into one of the most successful media franchises of all time.

Beginning with the early movie serials of the 1940s, Holy Franchise, Batman! charts the development of Batman’s many exploits across both live-action and animation, presenting a comprehensive overview of his illustrious screen career. From the classic 1960s television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward to the hugely successful blockbuster feature films from directors Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher and Christopher Nolan, as well as early Saturday morning cartoon outings through to the acclaimed ‘DC Animated Universe’, this book explores the evolution of Batman – a journey that has taken him from ‘camp’ crime-fighter to Dark Knight.

For more information, you can follow Holy Franchise Batman! on Twitter @holyfranchise

Holy Franchise Batman! Bringing the Caped Crusader to the Screen is available to pre-order now.


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