OUT NOW: Dollar by Alexander Lindsay

Alexander Lindsay was born in Ayrshire, Scotland. As an international journalist he has lived and worked in the Middle East, New York, Paris, the UK, Ireland and the Greek Islands. Based in Belfast, he covered the Northern Ireland conflict as staff correspondent for the Sunday Express, during which time his main claim to fame was being ignominiously blown off the lavatory seat by an IRA bomb at his office. He has been a newspaper and magazine editor, national newspaper theatre critic, feature writer and magazine columnist.

Dollar by Alexander LindayDOLLAR OFFICIAL BLURB

It is a fact not generally known that in 1940 the prime minister secretly arranged for Britain’s entire gold reserves to be transported through U-boat-infested waters to America, in five ships.

Travis works as a banker: he is also a Nazi spy. To uncover details of the shipment he sets out to attract the attentions of Claire, a bank official. When his relationship with the vulnerable Claire becomes more complicated he ends up on the run with knowledge that could win the war for Germany.

Can Travis alert Berlin in time to sink the treasure ships? And can Claire find the strength to kill the man she has grown to love?

In this taut thriller, Alexander Lindsay combines fact and fiction to devastating effect.

Dollar is available to buy now, with a limited time only discount of 30%.


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