OUT NOW: The Cruel Trade by Clifford Peacock

Dr Clifford Peacock was born in Canada. After grammar school and national service in the infantry in Austria he became a district officer in Kenya. His work on the development of water supplies in remote areas was recognised by the award of a WHO scholarship to Durham University. Following Kenya’s independence he returned to UK and obtained a master’s degree by research in health physics. He was later awarded a doctorate at Dundee University where he was a senior lecturer in the medical school for twelve years until retirement.

The Cruel Trade by Clifford PeacockTHE CRUEL TRADE OFFICIAL BLURB

When a remote valley deep in East Africa is discovered and a handsome tribe, descended from the Queen of Sheba, is found living there The Sultan of Zanzibar is keen to establish his presence. Tippu Tip, the sultan’s Machiavellian minister, orders a heavily armed expedition, led by the unwilling Captain Khalil, to seize the valley as a stepping-stone towards the sultan’s ambition of ruling the whole of Africa.

The Cruel Trade tells the story of a fascinating and brave expedition as it crosses the untamed savannah. A tale of betrayal and fear, but also courage and great love, this dramatic story gives an illuminating insight into a turning point in the long and bloody history of East African slavery.

The Cruel Trade is available to buy now with a 30% discount for a limited time only.


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