The Bookbag Reviews The Lonely Furrow by Pamela Kavanagh

The Lonely Furrow by Pamela KavanaghThe lovely folks over at The Bookbag have reviewed Pamela Kavanagh‘s book The Lonely Furrow, ahead of its publication at the end of the month, saying that it had ‘endearing’ characters, ‘a real sense of location’ and is ‘perfect if you want a relaxing holiday or wet-Sunday-afternoon read’.

The Lonely Furrow by Pamela Kavanagh will be published on 31st May 2012 and is available to pre-order now.

For the full Bookbag review, check out the link here.


Disaster strikes the Drummond family with the collapse of the Glasgow Bank which results in them losing their business and subsequently their respectable place in society. For Nathan, this spells the end of his dream of an engineering career and also his betrothal to his beloved Isobel.

When an unexpected inheritance saves the day there are mixed feelings when the Drummonds are forced to leave their comfortable Glasgow home for a run-down farm in Shropshire. Chrissie, the little Highland maid, goes with them and proves a godsend during the difficult months, despite her secret, and increasingly strong, love for Nathan.

Can the family keep the shame of their past hidden? And can Nathan learn to manage the farm and also recognize love for the girl who is keeping his family together?


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