The Bookbag Reviews ‘A Strange Inheritance’ by Mark Neilson

A Strange Inheritance by Mark NeilsonThe Bookbag have reviewed Mark Neilson’s new novel ‘A Strange Inheritance’, calling it ‘heart warming’ and a ‘feel-good story’. The reviewer also delighted in descriptions of North Yorkshire, adding:

Mark Neilson has the sounds perfectly – which might sound odd, but once you’ve been to the area you know exactly what he means.’

A Strange Inheritance is out 31 July 2012 and is available to pre-order now with a limited time only discount of 30%


Everybody dreams of a surprise inheritance and one comes to Meg at her lowest ebb, a letter, from an uncle she has never heard of, leaving her a derelict mill and bakery in a Yorkshire dale. With the gift comes a strange final request, asking her to ‘help close the circle’.

Meg visits the mill, falls in love with the place and its surroundings and throws herself into the challenge of rebuilding the old business. In the process she finds new friends – and a new love. But at the back of her mind are the questions of who exactly was the dead Henry Masterton – and why did he leave Meg everything he owned?

For the full review, click here.


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