OUT TODAY: Orphans of Chance by Peter Taylor

Orphans of Chance by Peter TaylorPeter Taylor was born in Sedgefield, County Durham and has worked as both a teacher and a prison lecturer. A prolific Black Horse Western and crime thriller writer, Taylor’s previous novels include Trails of Fate, Stitched and Stone Cold.


Detective Sergeant John Niven was adopted, and believed he had adjusted to that long ago. But a personal crisis makes him wonder about his origins, his career and his future with Gill, his girlfriend.

Simultaneously, he is hunting a killer who might well be a fellow policeman and, when Gill becomes inexplicably entangled, Niven sinks deeper into the case. When he identifies a break in the investigation it helps him unravel the killer’s purpose and, he believes, the killer’s identity. In a final confrontation, it appears the fates have been cruelly mocking him and it seems he really is an orphan of chance.

Praise for the Author

“A book that would leave even Poirot on the edge of his seat” – Crack Magazine

“A gripping read” – The Evening Gazette

“Sensitivity and suspense in just the right amounts” – The Yorkshire Gazette

Orphans of Chance is available to pre-order now with a limited time only discount of 30%


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