OUT TODAY: The Tara Bones by K. T. McCaffrey

The Tara Bones by K.T. McCaffreyAfter graduating from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin in 1971, K. T. McCaffrey worked for a number of Ireland’s leading advertising agencies and graphic design studios before setting up a graphics practice in 1984. His previous novels include The Cat Trap, Bishop’s Pawn and No Curtain Call. You can read more about the author at: http://www.ktmccaffrey.com


When a number of young women go missing, investigative journalist Emma Boylan explores the circumstances surrounding their disappearance. When one of her articles, focusing on the release of a sex offender, is published, it incites a vigilante-style protest in his neighbourhood.

Accused of irresponsible journalism and condemned by the forces of law and order Emma is undeterred and unearths some terrifying secrets, discoveries that expose her to a fate similar to those she seeks to investigate.

The Tara Bones takes you on a voyage of unexpected twists and turns as it confronts the abuse meted out to the missing women, in an atmosphere of unnerving suspense.

The Tara Bones by K.T. McCaffrey is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%


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