OUT TODAY: McFeeley’s Rebellion by Theresa Murphy

McFeeley's Rebellion by Theresa MurphyTheresa Murphy was born in Portland, Dorset. She is a member of MENSA and her writing has included diverse subjects ranging from television comedy to nautical history. She has written numerous novels, published by Robert Hale, including Coming to the Edge and The Honey Gatherers.


The regime of James II is under threat. An intelligence corps, formed under the leadership of Lord John Churchill, is designed to gather information on the Monmouth Rebellion and quash the rebels. Created as a two-man unit, it is commanded by enigmatic veteran Colm McFeeley, a double-agent used to mistrust from both sides.

Given the perilous missions selected for him, McFeeley is accepting of the fact he is unlikely to survive the rebellion and that in the merciless aftermath of war the atrocities will continue. If he remains alive it will be difficult to adjust to civilized living. Killing always becomes addictive…

McFeeley’s Rebellion by Theresa Murphy is available to buy from today with a limited time only discount of 30%


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