OUT NOW: Marathon Training by Nikalas Cook

Marathon Training by Nikalas CookNikalas Cook is a writer and coach who specializes in health, fitness, endurance and adventure sports. Having studied a postgraduate degree in Health and Exercise Science, he worked for eight years as a top personal trainer in London. As well as completing marathons, triathlons, ultra-marathons and other endurance challenges himself, he’s successfully trained numerous clients to their own endurance goals. These have included four successful Marathon des Sables (150-mile race in the Moroccan Sahara) clients, including journalist and TV presenter Kate Spicer. He knows what constructing and implementing a safe and effective training plan involves, the kit needed, the nitty gritty questions that always get asked and, most importantly, how to get you to the start line fit, strong and injury free.

So, with 28 weeks to go until the 2013 London Marathon, there’s never been a better time to start Marathon Training.

Marathon Training by Nikalas Cook – Official Blurb

Every year, thousands of people are inspired to don their running shoes and take on the challenge of a marathon. On the road to the finish line, though, many marathon hopefuls fall by the wayside, struck down by injury. Plans that are too running intensive or that don’t prepare the body for running and ignore correct technique are largely to blame.

Nikalas Cook adopts a cross-training approach to running. He incorporates functional strength training, complementary activities such as cycling and swimming and only three focused running sessions per week into his plan to deliver runners to the finish line 100% prepared and injury free. In 28 weeks, you can go from complete non-runner, through your first 5k, 10k, half-marathon and finally to success in the full 26.2 miles of the marathon.

I decided to do the Marathon des Sables. Nik Cook trained me, and despite a long history of late nights, smoking and drinking, I don’t think I could have been better prepared. At the start line the other competitors laughed at me, but at the finish line some were conspicuously absent. Cook has a global, holistic and highly intelligent view of fitness. I revere him and am eternally grateful. He is, ‘The Man’.  – Kate Spicer

Nik’s balanced and varied approach meant I stayed injury free throughout all of my training. Something I’ve never managed before when preparing for races.  His technical knowledge of training methods, nutrition, motivation and human physiology is truly impressive. He trained me for a race that was a huge stretch for me. Not only did I get through with a great personal result, but I also was able to enjoy the race because I was so well prepared.  That’s all down to Nik’s coaching, guidance and support. – Ramez Sousou (Founder and co-CEO of TowerBrook Capital Partners)

If you’ve always fancied completing a marathon, but been put off by the prospect of massively hard, high-mileage training programmes, Nik’s book might just be the answer . . . readable, well-illustrated and logically set out Outdoors Magic

Marathon Training by Nikalas Cook is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%

Marathon Training by Nikalas Cook

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