Author Carl Walker on Why It’s OK to Laugh at Men With Combovers

Wearing Combovers by Carl WalkerCarl Walker is a senior lecturer in psychology and he has ten years’ experience researching and publishing academic work on human behaviour. He is uniquely qualified to write this book on account of being the only man who considers himself a world authority on men who juggle. He lives in Sussex with his family and his hobbies include avoiding men who wear comedy ties and thinking up innovative new ways to hide his man boobs.

Here he looks at why he decided to write Wearing Combovers and why he feels it’s OK to laugh…

I’d like to pretend that I wrote this book out of some kind of antiquated notion of providing a public service to my fellow man. To help other men out there steer their way through the various and many trials of modern day living. I’d like to say that when I implored men not to shout at their dogs in public, jump over gates that they could easily walk through and wear combovers, I did it out of an urge to help people to correct behaviours that presented them as curiously hapless in the eyes of their peers. I’m afraid I didn’t. I wrote it to laugh at them. Just to make fun of them plain and simple. And laughing at those less fortunate than ourselves has really come to receive a bad reputation in recent years. We spend so long teaching our children that it is wrong to laugh at those less fortunate than ourselves.

But really, is it so wrong to laugh at a man whose combover has been mauled by the wind? Is it so wrong to laugh at men who walk into friends new houses and knock on their walls to confirm, with staggeringly little authority, that the walls are, indeed, fine. Of course it’s not, its great fun.

I wrote this book for people who like laughing at stupid men. If, when you see men cycling with no hands hit a bump and then panic as they grasp for their handlebars then this book is for you. If you laugh like a drain at that ‘gradual grooving’ bit between a man getting up to dance and their actual dancing then this is for you. If your favourite clips from You’ve Been Framed are the ones where clinically dim skateboarders give themselves DIY vasectomies on hand railings then this is for you.

I see the fact that I myself do many of the things in this book as no impediment to laughing at these varied forms of male idiocy. I hope you don’t either.

Carl Walker

Wearing Combovers and 49 Other Things That the Modern Man Shouldn’t Do by Carl Walker is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%

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