OUT NOW: Hot Ice by Gregg Loomis

Gregg Loomis is a former racing-car driver and a licensed commercial pilot. He has travelled extensively in Europe and the Caribbean. He has published several books in the US, including The Pegasus Secret and The Gates of Hades. Gregg has written several short stories and was nominated for Fiction Writer of the Year by the Georgia Writers’ Association. Currently, he practises law in his native Atlanta, where he lives with his wife, Suzanne, also a lawyer, and their golden retrievers, Henry Tudor and Charles Stuart.


Jason Peters: classical music enthusiast, artist, animal lover. Assassin.

In an effort to evade his past, he lives on a tiny Italian island but even there his past catches up with him when he accepts what he tells himself will be his last job for NARCOM, an organization that takes on jobs the American intelligence community finds too politically risky.

The assignment sends Jason on the trail of a conspiracy to weaken, if not destroy, the West. A plot based on a carefully nurtured fiction, a fabrication so carefully woven it is widely accepted as truth. Only Jason is in a position to expose it, destroying those who depend on it to achieve their ends if they fail to get him out of the way first. Murder and mass destruction are only a few of the tools they are willing to employ to achieve their aim and dispose of him.

Hot Ice is out now


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