OUT NOW: To Honour the Dead by John Dean

John Dean is an award-winning journalist from Darlington, Co. Durham. He has twice been named North-East Freelance Journalist of the Year and also Environmental Reporter of the Year. He has contributed to papers such as the Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times and the Daily Express. His previous novels published by Robert Hale include The Long Dead, Strange Little Girl, The Railway Man, To Die Alone and The Secrets Man.

To Honour the Dead Synopsis

The unveiling of a new memorial stirs deep emotions in a remote North Pennines village as the people honour their war dead. However, pride is in short supply at the ceremony as anger spills over and deep-rooted tensions are brought to the surface.

That night, the memorial is vandalized and an elderly war veteran is murdered, apparently by thieves after his Victoria Cross. Are the incidents connected? When Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris is called in to investigate, he and his team discover a world of secrets and a criminal conspiracy that stretches across the globe. As the detectives start to make sense of events, they realize that they are investigating more than two crimes and end up asking the question, ‘What price honour?’

To Honour the Dead is out now


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