OUT NOW: The Diamond Rosary Murders by Roger Silverwood

The Diamond Rosary MurdersSon of a Yorkshire businessman, Roger Silverwood was educated in Gloucestershire before National Service. He later worked in the toy trade and as a copywriter in an advertising agency. Roger went into business with his wife as an antiques dealer before retiring in 1997. His Inspector Angel series is now on its nineteenth book and has been extremely successful.

The Diamond Rosary Murders by Roger Silverwood

Detective Inspector Michael Angel is summoned to the back streets of Bromersley, in South Yorkshire, to investigate a murder. The victim, a young girl, is thought to be a member of a gang wanted for stealing the priceless diamond and ruby rosary which had belonged to Queen Mary Tudor. But the body disappears before Angel arrives…

Added to Angel’s troubles, millionaire, Haydn King tells Superintendent Harker of his frequent nightmares portraying his death and, two days later he is found dead, exactly as the nightmares had indicated. As the investigation becomes more dangerous, Angel must race to find the explanation and stop more mayhem and murder.

This is the nineteenth book in the highly successful Inspector Angel series.

The Diamond Rosary Murders by Roger Silverwood is out now

The Diamond Rosary Murders


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