OUT NOW: Killer in Black by Paul Bennett

Killer in Black by Paul BennettPaul Bennett was born in London and educated at Alleyn’s School in Dulwich. He studied Economics at Exeter University and spent seven years in advertising before setting up a market research agency which he sold in 1986. He is now semi-retired in order to pursue writing. Bennett lives in a converted barn in Essex with his wife and two daughters and his previous novels, Catalyst and Mercenary were also published by Robert Hale.

Killer in Black by Paul Bennett blurb

In a small town in Texas five ex-mercenaries reunite when one of their number, Red, half Comanche, half Texan, is threatened.

Presidential candidate Senator O’Hara likes to keep his town whiter than snow and everybody firmly in their place and he’s taken a dislike to Red. The town’s sheriff won’t risk his job by helping so it’s down to Johnny Silver and his band of comrades to sort out the matter. The resultant attacks escalate from a simple poisoning of the ranch’s water supply, through frightening off the workers, to a full-scale war with a fifty-strong gang of bikers. And pulling the strings is their most formidable foe yet – a professional assassin, the Killer in Black.

Are Johnny’s team still strong enough to take on the challenges posed by the unknown enemy? Or have they finally met their match?

Killer in Black by Paul Bennett is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%

Killer in Black by Paul Bennett


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