OUT NOW: No Skylarks Sing by Millie Vigor

No Skylarks Sing by Millie VigorMillie Vigor was born in Dorset and was educated at Ludwell village school. At age fourteen she left and started work and she considers this the beginning of her real education. Throughout her many jobs; kitchenmaid, farm-worker, glove-maker, canteen cook and B&B landlady she took note of what made people tick and of sights and sounds, and stored this all away to use later, in her writing. In addition to articles and short stories sold to various magazines, her autobiographical book, Kippers for Breakfast, was published in 2003. She lives in Shetland with her constant companion, a cat called Harriet. Her first novel, Catherine of Deepdale, was published by Robert Hale in 2012.

No Skylarks Sing by Millie Vigor

After the death of her first husband Catherine Jameson found solace in her island home of Shetland and the company of her young son, Robbie. Now married to Norrie Williams, and mother to three more children, Catherine is forging a new life for herself and her family.

Life with Norrie is good, but there are signs foreshadowing change looming on the horizon. Catherine’s new husband struggles to contain his temper and his urge to drink and, feeling neglected and unloved, she is attracted to a stranger who arrives in the valley. With ageing relatives to care for and a son who is determined to make his living as a fisherman, against her wishes, life grows increasingly difficult. As passions deepen with the handsome newcomer, events take a disastrous turn. With no one to turn to and too ashamed to ask the doctor, who is her friend, for help, Catherine is isolated and desperate and facing some heartbreaking decisions.

No Skylarks Sing by Millie Vigor is available to buy now

No Skylarks Sing by Millie Vigor


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