Author Eileen Robertson on new novel We’ll Be Watching You

We'll Be Watching You by Eileen RobertsonEileen Robertson lives in Gosport. We’ll Be Watching You is her third novel. Her previous novels Miss McGuire is Missing and Blackmail for Beginners were also published by Robert Hale.

Here, Robertson explains where the idea from her new novel came from.

I got the idea for the story of ‘We’ll Be Watching You’ from Aesop’s Fables. I think everyone knows the tale of the shepherd boy who, bored and lonely, ‘Cried Wolf’ so often that no one listened. Until the wolf did come and then it was too late. And I suppose that is the theme of my story.

At first I wanted to use ‘Cry Wolf,’ as a title for my book but when I checked it out on the internet I discovered that there were so many other people using this that I had to think again. It was not until I was close to finishing this book that I heard a song from the on the radio by The Police. There was something very haunting and slightly sinister about it and the last line was so fitting for my book, it felt just right. All I needed to do was to change the ‘I’ to ‘We’ and it became, We’ll Be Watching You.

My character, Christine Brett, having been through a disastrous divorce, and lost her job, has moved back in with her invalid mother. Now, like the shepherd boy, she is bored, suspicious of everyone, and lonely. She reports her neighbours for every triviality . . . until the day she witness a robbery and no one believes her. Now the tables are turned. The robber has recognized her and Christine the watcher, discovers that not only are she and her mother being watched, they are in a life threatening situation as well.

– Eileen Robertson, author of We’ll Be Watching You


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