OUT NOW: Jack’s Heir by Michael Litchfield

Jack's Heir by Michael LitchfieldA journalist for many years, Michael Litchfield wrote for the Daily Mail and Sunday Express. He also worked for Time as an investigative journalist exposing Mafia corruption, which resulted in contracts being taken out on his life. Later, after changing his name and stowing away to the Bahamas, Michael returned to England and became a Parliamentary correspondent. Robert Hale also published his novels Last Bus to the Grave, Deadline and The One a Month Man.

Jack’s Heir by Michael Litchfield

A serial killer is stalking young women, seemingly at random. Despite the butchery of the slayings, there is no evidence of rape, and sexual gratification doesn’t appear to be a motive.

Despite the arbitrary nature of the heinous crimes, there is a template structure to the modus operandi. Detective Inspector Mike Lorenzo and his frustrated team are baffled by this phantom-like mutilator – until eagle-eyed, ex-FBI profiler Tricia Lockwood identifies vital tell-tale clues that tie them all together in a wickedly coherent pattern.

With time running out, the final piece in the intricate jigsaw appears to come from the grave. It seems in this fast-paced thriller, that the dead do talk, and are willing to reveal their secrets….

Jack’s Heir by Michael Litchfield is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%

Jack's Heir by Michael Litchfield


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