OUT NOW: The Chimera Sanction by André Baby

The Chimera Sanction by André BabyAndré K. Baby is a Montreal-born lawyer and author. A former Crown prosecutor, his practice has focused mainly on the corporate and commercial aspects of international business. His appointments have included Regional Counsel to a major oil company, General Counsel to a Quebec airline and General Counsel to a Swiss multinational. He continues to mine the wealth of his varied and rich legal experience to forge the characters of his thrillers. The Chimera Sanction is his first novel published by Robert Hale.

The Chimera Sanction by André Baby

Pope Clement XXI is kidnapped, and the Curia, the Swiss Guard and the Italian police are overwhelmed. Thierry Dulac from Interpol is called in, but he too is thwarted at every turn. His investigations hint at secrets held for centuries, revenge and omerta in the arcane, twisting corridors of the Vatican itself. It seems the pontiff too has been less than open.

From within the hidden, shadowy world of the Vatican, the bustling Parisian boulevards and the charms of the Florentine piazzas, to the searing bleakness of the Great Sand Sea Desert, Dulac fights to prise open the plot which could cause havoc and disbelief amongst the billions of Catholics across the globe and bring the pontiff back to safety.

Nothing is as it seems in this intriguing, exciting novel from a new and talented author.

I made the mistake of cracking open the book on Friday evening. I finished it on Sunday at the expense of a briefcase full of work I’d brought home…  – Jim Duff, Editor, The Hudson Gazette

The Chimera Sanction by André Baby is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%

The Chimera Sanction by André Baby


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