OUT NOW: Cicely’s Lord Lincoln by Sandra Heath Wilson

9780719813627Cicely’s Lord Lincoln

In 1486, after being caught in the arms of her lover, the Lancastrian King Henry VII, Lady Cicely Plantagenet is estranged from her husband, Henry’s uncle, Sir Jon Welles. Henry has been coercing her to his bed by threatening harm to Jon and her Yorkist cousin, Jack de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, whom Henry suspects of plotting support for the strangely named Lambert Simnel, a Yorkist pretender to Henry’s throne. Simnel may even be one of Cicely brothers, the ‘Princes in the Tower’, whose birthright to the crown far exceeds Henry’s.

With Jack, Cicely finds a new passion and affinity that echoes the intense love she had shared with her uncle, the Yorkist King Richard III, whom Henry defeated by treachery at the Battle of Bosworth. Richard was the great joy of Cicely’s life and the father of her secret son, and Jack had been Richard’s chosen heir. She believes that Jack, not Henry Tudor, should now be King of England.

Jack draws Cicely into his treasonous intrigues. She meets the shadowy Welsh knight, known only as Tal, whom she is unsure whether or not to trust. Then Jack flees court to begin Simnel’s great uprising and invasion against Henry. She witnesses the carnage of the Battle of Stoke Field, and fears Henry Tudor has slaughtered her second great love. Or, by some miracle, might Jack have escaped?

Sandra Heath Wilson

Sandra was born in South Wales, but spent a great deal of her childhood in Ulster and Germany. She has lived in Gloucestershire for over forty years. Published worldwide, her early books were set around the Wars of the Roses. Her other books, also published by Robert Hale, include her Regency novels The Makeshift Marriage, Lady Jane’s Ribbons and Hide and Seek.

Buy your copy of Cicely’s Lord Lincoln here.


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