New non-fiction: Yummy Discoveries: Worry-Free Weaning by Felicity Bertin and Dr Anna Walton

Most parents know what their children should be eating but getting them to eat it is often a challenge. Fussy eating is a massive problem in Western society and British children are the fussiest in Europe, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Research has shown that eating patterns are established by the age of two, and how a child is weaned and parented around food in their early years significantly shapes their lifelong habits.

9780719813078With 1 in 4 under-fives now overweight or obese, the UK has a generation facing chronic health conditions including diabetes. Worry-Free Weaning will empower parents to help their child to establish a healthy relationship with food: giving the facts and dispelling the myths so that they can make an informed decision about the best way to introduce solids to their child.

Drawing on their clinical expertise and insight, as well as their own parenting experience, the authors offer practical advice, recipes and menu ideas. Worry-Free Weaning gives parents and children the tools and the confidence to experiment with mealtimes and to develop a lifelong healthy attitude to eating.

Worry-free Weaning is published this week. Download a free tipsheet from the authors at

Baly-led weaning recipe bookYummy Discoveries: The Baby-Led Weaning Book, by Felicity Bertin and Emma Ogden-Hooper published in 2013. The book features over 150 healthy, flavoursome recipes suitable for weaning babies and offers a step-by-step guide to help parents through the process.

‘Packed with information, recipes and ideas to help you’ – Baby London on The Baby-Led Weaning Book.


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