New non-fiction: Itchen Memories by G. E. M. Skues

Itchen Memories
Itchen Memories is not a general collection of fishing memoirs concerning past days spent along various Itchen beats. It concerns just one, specific, length of this lovely chalk stream. The watery maze of carriers, ditches and drains which criss-cross
Winchester’s northern water-meadows, for centuries known as Abbotts Barton, is the sole setting for this collection of stories.

This reissue of a classic of twentieth-century angling literature, unavailable for many years, will be welcomed by anyone interested not only in the sport but in experiencing the troubled beauty of England’s countryside between the wars, viewed through the eyes of a naturally gifted writer.

Completely reset and beautifully presented with the original line drawings by Alex Jardine, the book also features an introduction by Roy Darlington.


G.E.M. Skues
The legendary G.E.M. Skues was the greatest innovative angler of modern times. Author of the seminal Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream, The Way of the Trout with a Fly, and Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout, he also had published posthumously in 1951, Itchen Memories. In an altogether more reflective and anecdotal volume Skues describes memories of over fifty years’ angling on his beloved Abbotts Barton Fishery. Itchen Memories beautifully evokes the time and place and gives a rare insight to the ‘master’ himself.

Buy your copy of Itchen Memories here.


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