New fiction: Another Chance, Another Life by Mark Neilson

Another Chance, Another Life

Becky and Kathy are great friends and, in a cruel yet
comforting parallel, both have recently lost their jobs and
face the prospect of starting their lives all over again.

Becky takes a relative up on his offer of the use of his
narrowboat, and sets sail for the Yorkshire Dales with her
son Jonathon, to see if pastures new can help her regain
what she’s lost. Kathy finds herself in love with a widower,
whose only daughter is still in mourning for her gifted
musician mother, her grief proving a solid opponent to any
new woman in her father’s life.

Both women must endure the weaving and uncertain path
of life, and love, towards a second chance at happiness.


Mark Neilson

Having previously worked as a banker, Mark Neilson went
on to become an Economics lecturer at Strathclyde
University. He later became a consultant but is now a fulltime
writer. His previous novels The Valley of the Vines and
A Strange Inheritance are also published by Robert Hale.

Buy your copy of Another Chance, Another Life here



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