New fiction: A Narrow Victory by Faith Martin

A Narrow Victory
Once again, ex-DI Hillary Greene is delving into the archives, trying to discover who killed an interior designer at a New Years’ Eve Party in 1999. Somebody clearly didn’t want 9780719814334Felix Olliphant to enjoy the momentous occasion of seeing in not only a brand new year, but a brave new millennium.
The trouble is, the more she learns about her murder victim, the less likely it seems that anyone would want him dead – he was a genuinely decent human being, and she can’t find anyone with a bad word to say about him. To add to her woes, it seems her lover and immediate superior, Detective Superintendent Steven Crayle, is being lured away from her team with offers of a promotion
elsewhere.  Can she keep her mind on the job, and find out who killed Felix? Or is this the first cold case that will defeat even her?

Faith Martin
Faith Martin was born in Oxford. She began her working life as a secretary but left to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. A Narrow Victory is the latest in the thrilling Hillary Greene series.

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New fiction: A Death at South Gare by Dan Latus

9780719814327A Death at South Glare
Private investigator Frank Doy makes an off-duty visit to the South Gare, the breakwater at the mouth of the River Tees. He is looking forward to seeing a spectacular high-tide in that wild, windswept place. Instead, he sees a man in the sea with no hope of rescue or survival, and shortly afterwards three men who he believes might have put him there.

Frank soon discovers that the man was the greatly-respected local MP, and as the only witness to this crime, he himself is now in deep trouble.

But he can’t just walk away. He needs to protect himself, but he wants justice for the murdered man. Aided by a young woman who was a close friend of the victim and is herself in jeopardy, he unravels a sinister plot by local industries, backed by global money.

Dan Latus
Dan Latus lives in Northumberland with his wife. He grew up in Teeside which is the inspiration for many of his novels. His previous novels include Run for Home, Never Look Back, Risky Mission and Out of the Night.


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New fiction: Strawfoot by David Hodges

9780719814273 - Copy
Set on the mist-shrouded Somerset Levels, this is the latest crime thriller featuring feisty Detective Sergeant Kate Lewis.

Newly married to partner, Hayden Lewis, Kate returns from a disastrous honeymoon, only to be plunged into a macabre murder investigation after a teenage girl – last seen leaving a party at the height of a local scarecrow festival – is found strangled and partially stripped in her own barn. Worse still, it soon dawns on Kate that the gruesome crime is an exact copy of the 150-year old murder of peasant girl, Martha Tinney, alleged by superstitious locals to have been committed by a spectral scarecrow, nicknamed Strawfoot. As she and her colleagues desperately try to track down the copycat killer, it becomes apparent that he has no intention of stopping at just one murder, and furthermore, he has developed an unhealthy interest in Kate herself…

David Hodges
A former superintendent with Thames Valley Police, David Hodges is a prolific writer and former essayist. His crime series, featuring Detective Kate Lewis, has gone from strength to strength and Strawfoot is the latest in this chilling series. Hodges lives with his wife on the edge of the Somerset Levels, where he can take inspiration from the landscape and fully indulge his love affair with crime writing.

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New fiction: The Barchester Murders by G.M. Best (Buried River Press)

Ahead of the bicentenary of Anthony Trollope’s birth in April of this year, we publish The Barchester Murders, featuring the writer alongside many of his characters


Anthony Trollope finds the beautiful city of Barchester idyllic on visiting it for the first time. This idyll is, however, soon shattered when the body of Thomas Rider is discovered in the almshouses known as Hiram’s Hospital.

Trollope soon uncovers the existence of a long-hidden secret which has the power to destroy the reputation of the Reverend Septimus Harding, the Warden of Hiram’s Hospital, and his-son-in-law, Dr Theophilus Grantley, the Dean of the Cathedral and next in line for the position of Bishop of Barchester.

A number of the old bedesmen at Hiram’s Hospital would do anything for the Warden, and his daughters, Eleanor and Susan, have every reason to want the secret kept. It is also possible that family friend and Eleanor’s admirer, John Bold, may have had a hand in the crime.

With so many suspects, the local police officer is at a loss as to how to solve the case. The murderer soon strikes again and it falls to Anthony Trollope to unpick the mystery.

This book does not require you to have read Anthony Trollope’s classic works, but those who love his novels will enjoy meeting their key characters again.

G.M. Best

Brought up in the North-east, G.M. Best studied History at Exeter College, Oxford and went on to become the headmaster of Kingswood School in Bath. He has written widely on Methodist history and is currently Warden of the New Room in Bristol. His previous novels, Oliver Twist Investigates, Wuthering Heights Revisited and The Jacobite Murders were published by Robert Hale.

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OUT NOW: Snow Wasted by Matthew Malekos


The Book
Vicious murders, ruthlessly corrupt officials and a mafia-funded drug trade festers at the heart of the British military establishment.

Forensic pathologist Dr Karen Laos is recruited by the Ministry of Defence and sent to Cyprus to help solve a series of perplexing events terrorizing the British bases on the island.

Against the beautiful backdrop of a Mediterranean summer, an undercurrent of vice and deceit simmers. Laos must work against the odds with her colleagues in order to restore law and order to this small but highly significant military outpost.

Snow Wasted is the second novel in the Dr Karen Laos series.

The Author
Matthew Malekos is an ex-psychiatric nurse. He lives on the island of Cyprus with his civil partner. The first Dr Karen Laos novel, Peroxide Homicide, was also published by Robert Hale.

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OUT NOW: Death in Transit by Keith Moray

Death in Transit by Keith MorayKeith Moray is a part-time doctor, columnist and novelist. He lives and works in Wakefield. His previous novels include Deathly Wind, Murder Solstice and Flotsam and Jetsam, all published by Robert Hale.

Death in Transit by Keith Moray

The lack of light pollution makes West Uist an ideal place for astronomical observation.

The Heavens Above show, a regular Scottish TV programme about astronomy, is being broadcast from the island and there has been an influx of amateur stargazers. At the same time, the West Uist Astrological Society has staged a series of lectures by a celebrity astrologer.

Tension between the two groups is clear from the start and when a body is found floating in Kyleshiffin harbour it is unclear whether there has been a tragic accident or a cold-blooded murder. A chalked astrological sign on the harbour wall gathers significance when a second body and another sign is discovered. This time there is no doubt – it was murder most foul.

And the signs are that there will be more deaths, unless Inspector Torquil McKinnon and his team can solve the case and find the zodiac killer.

Death in Transit by Keith Moray is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%.

Death in Transit by Keith Moray

James Raven launches ‘After the Execution’ in Southampton

After the Execution by James RavenWaterstones in West Quay, Southampton staged a launch party on Thursday night for James’s Raven’s After the Execution. People gathered for the evening and got their signed copies of the book. The staff also mounted a special display of the novel near the main entrance and in the window.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was good to talk to people about the book. There was a lot of genuine interest and for any author that’s very satisfying.  Earlier in the day I was feeling anxious about it, fearing that not many people would show up. But thankfully there was a good turn-out.

As usual the staff at Waterstones were very helpful in organizing things. They laid out the tables and supplied the glasses and plates for the wine and nibbles.  It’s the second book launch I’ve had in that particular store and I’m looking forward to more in the future.’

– James Raven

More on After the Execution

Lee Jordan has spent ten years on death row for a murder he didn’t commit. He’s lost everything – his wife, his dreams, his future. He finally enters the death chamber at the famous ‘Walls’ prison in Texas. He’s strapped to a gurney and given an injection of lethal drugs in front of witnesses. Minutes later he’s pronounced dead. But that’s not the end of it. After the execution comes the shocking revelation – Jordan is still alive. And to stop him talking he has to die all over again – before he brings down the entire American justice system.

James Raven After the Execution launch James Raven After the Execution launchAfter the Execution is out now!

OUT NOW: Urban Myth by James Raven

Urban Myth by James RavenJames Raven was a journalist for most of his working life. After reporting for local, regional and national newspapers he moved into television in 1982 as a news scriptwriter with TVS television where he then worked his way up to become Director of News across Meridian, Anglia and HTV. When Granada took over most of ITV he became Managing Director of Granada Sport before setting up his own production company. James spends much of his time writing and travelling and also performs magic at various venues across the country. James has previously published four novels with Robert Hale, including Rollover.

Urban Myth by James Raven – Official Blurb

It’s the holiday home from hell, deep in an ancient English forest where no one can hear your screams. Something horrific is going on in the house – something that defies the imagination. Even hardened detective, Jeff Temple, hunting down a brutal killer, is shocked to discover the chilling secret.

When American Jack Keaton decides to take his family to the house on vacation, he gets a phone call from a mystery woman, warning him off. But Keaton ignores is. He brings his wife and two children over from Texas for what he hopes will be the trip of a lifetime. As soon as the family arrives, the nightmare begins….

Praise for the author:

“An excellent book. Extremely well crafted and readable. It has a real sting in the tale,” Fred Dinenage, one of Britain’s best loved TV presenters.

“Find a quiet corner and enjoy that rare thing – a tale that makes you hold your breath,” Nick Knowles, TV presenter.

“Extremely satisfying thriller and great entertainment,” Booksmonthly Review.

“Rollover is a cracking crime novel. The plot is pacy and compelling – the essence of the polished ‘unputdownable’ novel,” Hampshire View Magazine.

Urban Myth by James Raven is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%

Urban Myth by James Raven

OUT TODAY: Identity Crisis by Bill Kitson

Identity Crisis by Bill KitsonBill Kitson, a retired finance executive, was born in West Yorkshire. He is an avid fan of cricket and cryptic crosswords and is also the former chairman of the Scarborough Writers’ Circle. Identity Crisis is the sixth instalment in the Mike Nash series, following Kitson’s gripping thrillers Depth of Despair, Chosen, Minds That Hate, Altered Egos and Back-Slash.


Alone in an isolated cottage, a young housewife awaits the arrival of her sister, Jo. Outside, as storms lash the country, Dr Johana Grey struggles to reach the house, finding it deserted, and in darkness, when she eventually arrives.

With Mike Nash on leave, DS Miranova leads the investigation, which is complicated by the husband of the missing woman being unaccounted for. Is he responsible, or has she been abducted by the sadistic serial killer nicknamed The Cremator?

Before Nash’s return, a security van disappears along with its two-man crew. Further violent crimes are reported and, as the detectives try to make sense of the confusion, it becomes apparent that nothing is as it seems and no one is quite who they appear to be.

This is the sixth title in the intricately drawn series featuring Mike Nash and the Helmsdale police force.

Praise for the author:

‘Intelligent and complex enough to satisfy the most ardent of whodunit fan’ –

‘An author who has expertly carved himself a niche in the crime thriller marketplace…he knows how to twist the corkscrew’ – Scarborough Evening News

Identity Crisis by Bill Kitson is available to buy now with a limited time only 30% discount.

OUT TODAY: Gone Astray by Jean Rowden

Gone Astray by Jean RowdenJean Rowden lives in Northamptonshire with her husband. She has two grown-up daughters and is also a grandmother twice over. Jean has always loved horse riding and she owns a horse and pony from the local rescue home. A keen gardener she loves home-grown organic food.

This is the fourth title in the Constable “Thorny” Deepbriar series.


It’s every policeman’s worst nightmare: a little girl has been abducted, and Falbrough CID can find no trace of her. The department’s newest detective, Constable “Thorny” Deepbriar, one-time village bobby, already has his hands full. He’s looking into a spate of robberies, he has two weeks to vacate Minecliff’s police house, and his wife, Mary, is expecting their first child – years after giving up hope of having a family.

However, when Deepbriar discovers a possible connection between the disappearance of Janey Smithers and an incident that his colleagues have swept under the carpet, he can’t resist investigating. Without the approval of his superiors, he’ll either crack the case, or, more likely, get himself into serious trouble.

Praise for the author:

‘I hope this series runs for a good long time’ –

‘A really entertaining read’ – The Bookbag

‘Period details abound but are used carefully so that they add to the story’s pleasure, rather than distracting’ – Mystery Woman Magazine

Gone Astray by Jean Rowden is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%.