New Buried River Press title: Nothing Undone Remained by Dominic Luke

9781910208069Nothing Undone Remained

Life has been kind to Roderick Brannan in his first
fourteen years, and in the autumn of 1906 there is
nothing he wants more than to make a sporting name for himself at school. But with the breeze of the shifting seasons comes an imperceptible breath of change, for England, and for Roderick, and when his father, a motorcar manufacturer, dies he must return to the family home.

There follows a tumultuous summer, for Roderick and his young cousin, Dorothea. Swapping the strictures of boarding school for the cloistered quiet of a remote country house leads Roderick to reassess his goals, and awakens in him desires he had never considered possible.

Nothing Undone Remained is a perceptive and potent
glimpse of youth in Edwardian England, revelling in the
naivety and bluster of a young boy, on the fledgling
cusp of adulthood and responsibility.

Dominic Luke

Dominic Luke was born in London and studied history
at the University of Birmingham. He lives in
Northamptonshire and his previous three novels, Aunt
Letitia, Snake in the Grass and Autumn Softly Fell
were also published by Robert Hale.

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