OUT NOW: Fate Has No Mercy by David Creed

Fate Has No MercyFate Has No Mercy

Fate Has No Mercy describes the path followed by one man on his way to an archaeological discovery, potentially of extraordinary importance, his crisis of conscience and the cruel decisions he must take: if he publishes his findings, he may well seriously damage the lives of people he has come to hold in high esteem; people who recently, in fact, saved him from a cruel death.

There appears no acceptable way out of his dilemma until he encounters a woman from his past, whose unforgettable image and plight have dogged his memory for twenty years. This woman will go on to fulfil the role which – one suspects – was destined to be hers from the outset.

David Creed

David Creed was born in Sri Lanka and educated there and in Britain, at Eton, Cambridge and the University of London. After four years as a professional cricketer, he again went abroad, working for the British Government in Africa and the Australians in New Guinea It was there that he became involved in a specialized branch of education and returned to Britain for further training. That completed, he and his wife, also a successful writer, took teaching contracts in various parts of the world, including India, South America and the Middle East.

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