Peter Tickler Launches Blood in the Marsh… with ice-cream

Blood on the Marsh by Peter TicklerOn 28 October 2012, Peter Tickler launched his new crime novel, Blood in the Marsh, at George and Delila’s Ice-Cream Café in Oxford.

Launching a crime novel in an ice-cream café? Isn’t that a bit, well, odd? Maybe. But actually George and Delila’s in Oxford’s Cowley Road was the obvious place. Firstly because it appears more than once in Blood in the Marsh. Secondly because Cowley Road and East Oxford is very much the milieu which typifies my crime. And thirdly because books and ice-creams go together like … well not like bacon and eggs, but actually really well nevertheless.

The fact is that the launch was a blast! Two scoops of the best ice cream for the price of one; a sorbet named for the night after my book; loads of happy faces; a journalist from the Oxford Times; lots of books signed and sold. I am not sure what some of the students who had gone there for a quiet pore over their laptops made of it, but at the end of it I came away happy and exhausted. The first draft of the next Blood in Oxford murder is waiting on my desk calling, and finally I am able to give it my attention!

Peter Tickler

Blood on the Marsh is available to purchase now with a limited time only discount of 30%