The Bookbag Reviews A Crown of Despair by Jenny Mandeville

A Crown of Despair by Jenny MandevilleA Crown of Despair by Jenny Mandeville, published last month, is the story of Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife, Katherine Parr.

The lovely folks over The Bookbag have reviewed the book, dubbing it ‘totally absorbing’ but warning that, while there was occasion to giggle, this is ‘a story for all but the extremely anatomically squeamish’.

‘Jenny Mandeville has gone where the likes of Philippa Gregory may have feared to tread, a daring that works well and that I can’t help but applaud heartily.’

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OUT NOW: A Crown of Despair by Jenny Mandeville

A Crown of Despair by Jenny MandevilleJenny Mandeville lives in rural south west of England. She has a keen interest in history, particularly Tudor history. A Crown of Despair is her first novel.

A Crown of Despair by Jenny Mandeville Synopsis

Having sent his last wife to the block, the tyrannical Henry VIII sets his lustful sights upon an innocent and unworldly gentlewoman, the recently widowed, Katherine Parr. In mourning for her late husband, and yet desperately in love with another, Katherine is forced to choose between the man she loves and a crown of despair.

In the years that follow, as Henry’s terrified sixth wife and queen, she battles to contain her fear and revulsion of her bloated and monstrous new husband. The real threat of execution and the humiliation that she endures only strengthens Katherine’s resolve that somehow she will escape the gruesome fate of her predecessors and ultimately be with the man she loves.

Set in the infamous royal court of Henry VIII, Katherine’s story is one of survival and courage amid the harsh reality of duty, treason, religion and war.

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A Crown of Despair by Jenny Mandeville