Novelicious calls Cicely’s King Richard ‘beautiful yet poignant’

cicely's king richardNovelicious have reviewed the first Buried River Press title: Cicely’s King Richard by Sandra Heath Wilson.

The reviewer said she was ‘immediately drawn into [Cicely’s] story‘ and ‘Cicely was really brought to life, with her heart and soul bursting from the pages in this beautiful yet poignant love story‘. She goes on to say that ‘as a woman, [Cicely] was ahead of her time‘.

Cicely’s King Richard by Sandra Heath Wilson is available to pre-order now.

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Novelicious Reviews ‘Broken Places’ by Wendy Perriam

Broken Places by Wendy PerriamNovelicious have published a glowing 8/10 review of Wendy Perriam’s latest novel, Broken Places, saying that Perriam ‘writes with an amusing edge’ and that the book itself is a ‘sensitive, humorous book about an average man who has more about him than even he expected.’

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Broken Places Blurb

You may love Eric – or want to shake him! Passionately idealistic about his work as a librarian, he’s also ruefully aware that he’s not exactly Superman. Forced to hide his mysterious background and his mortifying fears, he’s a man with secrets – withheld even from close friends. His once homely wife, now a fashionista, has abandoned him, to live in Seattle with a high-powered corporate kingpin, taking their only child, a moody minx-in-waiting, about to turn thirteen.

Yet, against the odds, Eric sets out to prove himself – indeed, even to find a soul-mate. Whether braving ‘Choco-Love’ Speed-Dating; running Wandsworth Prison readers’ groups; attending an American Church that champions the Gospel of Prosperity, or rescuing his daughter from near-rape – he finally comes to epitomize the truth of Hemingway’s words: The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.

Shortlisted for the MIND Book of the Year, Broken Places combines laugh-out-loud comedy with an examination of fear: the most common – and most frequently concealed – of all our human emotions.

Wendy Perriam‘s novel Broken Places and collection of short stories I’m on the Train! are both available to buy now.