Ladies Who Launch

The Dance of Love book launch by Angela Young

(C) Veronika Hyks

(C) Veronika Hyks

Last Thursday my second novel, THE DANCE of LOVE, just published by Buried River Press, was launched from the Barnes Bookshop (which is owned and run by a wonderfully enthusiastic bookseller, Isla Dawes). May the book travel far and wide, gathering readers as it goes. It certainly had a good send-off.

One friend, in her enthusiasm, arrived on Monday and couldn’t understand why the bookshop was closed, but she returned on the right night along with many others. Gill Jackson, MD of Robert Hale, said lovely things about the book (thank you, Gill) and I’d told Isla I thought we’d be about sixty-five people but then, or so I’m told, 10% of invitees to any party never turn up and that turned out to be the case – some were stuck in the traffic jam from hell (I mean from Hammersmith) – but others brought unexpected but exceedingly welcome extra friends, so we ended up with the number of friends I’d thought might come, despite the traffic gods.

My nephews and nieces poured wine, or elderflower, and they’d read the book, bless them, so they promoted as they poured. At least five people said they’d recommend the novel to their book groups (Isla tempted them by offering a 10% discount to anyone buying six or more copies at the same time – and that goes for any book for book groups, not just mine! If you don’t live near Barnes you can order online, here, but speak to Isla first about the discount if you’d like it).

It was a very happy, joyful family occasion. All my family were there because my two younger sisters managed to smuggle my American sister into the country for the launch, which was a gorgeous surprise.

The family of people each book needs to begin its journey out into the world of readers was there: my agent, Heather Holden-Brown; one of the book’s two editors, Celia Hayley; Gill Jackson, representing all at Buried River Press who designed, typeset and printed the book; the book’s promotional filmmaker, Jim Burge, and so many others, too numerous to mention, except for my long-suffering partner, Peter Wise, who listens to me on the bad writing days when I tell him I’ll never write another word, ever again, and then he makes me laugh and so I find my way back to my writing desk. On the morning of the launch, he told me I’d become the latest member of an exceedingly exclusive club called Ladies Who Launch.

And the family of readers, without whom no book lives long, was there in force. So many of them bought the book that Isla sold the fifty copies she’d ordered, long before either Gill or I stood up to say a single word. And one of the last guests to leave said he’d been practising his dance-of-love steps: he waltzed home down Church Road.

So, may The DANCE of LOVE waltz out into the world and stay there, merrily, for a long time to come.

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OUT NOW: Old Sins, Long Memories by Angela Arney


G.P. Lizzie Browne moves from London to a small town on the coast, looking forward to a quiet life, but when she finds a murdered patient on her first day it seems that perhaps Stibbington is not so quiet after all.

DCI Adam Maguire, and colleague Steve Grayson, haven’t been challenged by a case for a a long time and welcome this break from their normal routine, except that there seems to be no apparent motive for anyone to kill a harmless young drop-out.

When a second body, similar to the first, is found in Lizzie’s garden she is drawn into Adam’s investigation against her will, and against her better judgement and her quiet life is riven with tension and conflict.

Angela Arney

Angela Arney was born in Hampshire and still lives in the New Forest. She is now widowed and has two children. Before writing she had a varied career as a caberet singer, a teacher, and then hospital administrator. She has written a number of romances and four mainstream novels, but then took time out to return to the theatre as a director of amateur companies. She has now returned to full time writing.

Get a copy of Old Sins, Long Memories here.

OUT NOW: A Full Churchyard by Nicholas Rhea

9780719813658A FULL CHURCHYARD

Detective Inspector Montague Pluke, of CID, is England’s most superstitious police officer. With crime at its lowest level for years, he decides to conduct a cold-case review.

But there are no major unsolved crimes so, alerted by his wife, Millicent, to a large number of recent deaths – all attributed to natural causes – his expert knowledge of superstitions and folklore lead him to identify areas of suspicion sufficient to justify re-opening a case. Could an undetected mass-murderer be operating in Crickledale?

His inquiries reveal that many of the deceased had been attended by Crickledale Voluntary Carers and he quickly produces a list of possible suspects. Indeed, the entire team of carers falls under suspicion – and Detective Inspector Pluke’s wife, Millicent, is one of them.


Nicholas Rhea is the pen-name for Peter N. Walker, formerly an inspector with the North Yorkshire Police and the creator of the Constable series of novels, the inspiration for the long-running and critically acclaimed ITV drama series Heartbeat. As Peter N. Walker, he is the author of Portrait of the North York Moors. He lives in North Yorkshire.

To buy A Full Churchyard, click here.

OUT NOW: Fate Has No Mercy by David Creed

Fate Has No MercyFate Has No Mercy

Fate Has No Mercy describes the path followed by one man on his way to an archaeological discovery, potentially of extraordinary importance, his crisis of conscience and the cruel decisions he must take: if he publishes his findings, he may well seriously damage the lives of people he has come to hold in high esteem; people who recently, in fact, saved him from a cruel death.

There appears no acceptable way out of his dilemma until he encounters a woman from his past, whose unforgettable image and plight have dogged his memory for twenty years. This woman will go on to fulfil the role which – one suspects – was destined to be hers from the outset.

David Creed

David Creed was born in Sri Lanka and educated there and in Britain, at Eton, Cambridge and the University of London. After four years as a professional cricketer, he again went abroad, working for the British Government in Africa and the Australians in New Guinea It was there that he became involved in a specialized branch of education and returned to Britain for further training. That completed, he and his wife, also a successful writer, took teaching contracts in various parts of the world, including India, South America and the Middle East.

Buy Fate Has No Creed here.

OUT NOW: Hedge Witch: A Solitary Guide to Witchcraft by Rae Beth

Hedge Witch pb 2014 reprint

Hedge WItch: A Guide to Solitary Witchcraft

‘This is a book which should grace the bookshelf of every budding occultist.’                              Moonshine

 Hedge Witch is a modern guide to the ancient path of the village wisewoman or wiseman.

Written in the form of letters from an experienced witch to her two apprentices, solitary witchcraft is offered, not as a substitute for coven worship, but as a fulfulling lifestyle in its own right. Rae Beth explains the importance of the Goddess and her consort, the Horned God, as sources of spiritual strength and worship. The author extols the feminine principles of healing and regeneration as well as attacking greed and self-interest which jeopardize the planet’s very future.

Rae Beth provides spells for all the key festivals of the witch’s calendar; describes and outlines the Pagan approach to finding a partner.  Her lyrical letters, accompanied by delicate pen-and-ink sketches, bring the reader towards a deeper understanding of the solitary witch’s lifestyle and beliefs.

Rae Beth

Rae Beth is a hedge witch and wildwood mystic.  She writes books and poems and gives talks on magical subjects.  Her aim is to assist people to meet with spirits of nature and of the faerie realms, for healing purposes.  Rae Beth is the mother of two and a psychic counsellor.

Buy your copy of Hedge Witch: A Solitary Guide to Witchcraft here.


OUT NOW: Growing Older with Jane Austen

9780719806971Growing Older With Jane Austen by Maggie Lane

That Jane Austen is enduringly popular with both a general readership and academics can admit of no doubt.  But amid the wealth of approaches to her life and work, no one has made a full-length study of the concept of ageing in her novels. Maggie Lane’s new book sets out to fill that gap.

With chapters on The Loss of Youth and Beauty; Old Wives and Old Maids; Merry Widows and Dowager Despots, the theme allows for a lively exploration of many of Austen’s most memorable characters.  There are chapters too on hypochondria and illness, age and poverty, death and wills. The book draws on the six novels, major literary fragments, Austen’s own letters and the reminiscences of family members and contemporaries.  Real-life examples are used to underline the fidelity of Austen’s fictional representation.

Ageing is very much on our own agenda, and Austen’s wry approach to the perils and consolations of growing older is bound to strike chords with many.

The Author

Maggie Lane has written many popular books about Jane Austen including Understanding Austen, which was also published by Robert Hale.  She has lectured on aspects of Jane Austen’s life and novels to the Jane Austen Societies of the UK, Canada, the US and Australia and has published in their respective journals.  Currently she is editor of the Jane Austen Society (UK) biannual Newsletter and Annual Report as well as consultant editor to the global Regency World magazine.

Buy your copy of Growing Older With Jane Austen here.


Book signing: The Natural Beauty of Cornwall by Peter Maxted

The Natural Beauty of Cornwall by Peter MaxtedTHE NATURAL BEAUTY OF CORNWALL

Peter Maxted

30 August 2014


Tall Ships Festival, Customs Hall Quay, Falmouth


07852 307988

For those unable to make the signing and would like a copy of The Natural Beauty of Cornwall, please make your way over to Falmouth Bookseller and Truro Waterstone’s.

OUT NOW: The Dance of Love by Angela Young

The Dance of LoveAngela Young is a graduate of Middlesex University’s MA in Creative Writing and her first novel, Speaking of Love, was published in 2008. The Dance of Love is her second novel. Angela lives and writes in south-west London.

The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love is a coming-of-age tale that
spans more than two decades of vast change.

Against a backdrop of high Edwardian luxury, Natalie Edwardes is poised on the brink of adulthood and, in an age when a woman’s destiny is decided by marriage, her beauty, wit and money would seem to guarantee her a glittering future. But, isolated by her father’s position as a self-made man, Natalie has never felt at ease in a society bound by a maze of conventions. Heart, for her, will always rule head, and so it seems that an encounter with a dashing yet gentle artist-soldier contains all the seeds of her life’s happiness.

The dance of Natalie’s life whirls her from the glittering ballrooms of London and the grand houses of Scotland and Devon, to the Scottish Highlands. But the strictures of polite society are far-reaching and Natalie’s happiness is abruptly snatched away. She is forced to compromise her romantic ideals and it is only when the tragedy of the Titanic touches
her life, years later, that she discovers what love really means and the heartrending choices it poses.

Buy your copy of The Dance of Love here