Juxtabook reviews The Dance of Love by Angela Young

The Dance of Love Angela YoungJuxtabook describes The Dance of Love by Angela Young as ‘a delight from cover to cover, a bringer of pure pleasure’, adding that ‘this is a truly charming story, beautifully told’.

The review goes on to say that this ‘great treat’ will soon be working its way into ‘becoming a timeless classic’.

The full review can be found at Juxtabook.

To find out just what a Titanic struggle it was for Angela to write the book, check out her guest post here. Alternatively, you can find out more about Angela at her website.

The Dance of Love is available to pre-order now with our paperback imprint Buried River Press.

Lothian Life calls David Atkinson’s Love Byte ‘delightful’ and ‘quirky’

9781910208014Lothian Life have reviewed Edinburgh-based romantic comedy Love Byte by David Atkinson and are impressed by the balance the author strikes in this ‘quirky’ tale.

‘It’s not an easy course to follow, but David Atkinson gets the balance just right and has produced a delightful romantic comedy that will make great holiday reading.’

For the full review, check out Lothian Life.

Love Byte is available to buy now.

Novelicious calls Cicely’s King Richard ‘beautiful yet poignant’

cicely's king richardNovelicious have reviewed the first Buried River Press title: Cicely’s King Richard by Sandra Heath Wilson.

The reviewer said she was ‘immediately drawn into [Cicely’s] story‘ and ‘Cicely was really brought to life, with her heart and soul bursting from the pages in this beautiful yet poignant love story‘. She goes on to say that ‘as a woman, [Cicely] was ahead of her time‘.

Cicely’s King Richard by Sandra Heath Wilson is available to pre-order now.

For the full review, click here.

The Camden Review call Wendy Perriam’s ‘An Enormous Yes’ big, bold and brassy

An Enormous Yes by Wendy PerriamThe Camden Review have reviewed An Enormous Yes by Wendy Perriam, dubbing it ‘big, bold, [and] brassy’, adding that ‘…one of Perriam’s strengths as a novelist – and this is her 17th – is to confront the fault-lines in human experience and roll about in them…’

The review goes on to say that ‘the struggles make for rich reading, sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious’.

For the full article, head to the Camden Review.

An Enormous Yes by Wendy Perriam is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%. Click here for an extract.

The Lancashire Evening Post Reviews Peroxide Homicide by Matthew Malekos

Peroxide Homicide by Matthew MalekosMatthew Malekos’s new crime thriller has received a glowing review from The Lancashire Evening Post, dubbing it ‘chilling’ and an ‘astute psychological thriller’ which ‘ratchets up the tension’.

The review goes on to say: ‘Malekos fills his story with fascinating characters, twisting, turning plotlines, superb police and forensic detail and a memorable sense of menace.’

Peroxide Homicide Synopsis

When working a night shift at Manchester’s inner-city morgue, forensic pathologist Karen Laos finds herself with the body of an unknown male, apparently murdered by a killer she had pursued six years before. Reunited with ageing policeman, Detective Inspector James Nakonski, they must identify, locate and catch the killer taunting them both. With an appetite for ritualistic murder and an array of alarming and unusual methods, there is a very real threat that this killer will elude their grasp and strike again, leaving only mutilated victims in his wake…

Peroxide Homicide by Matthew Malekos is available to buy now

For the full review, click here.

The Sunday Express says an enormous ‘Yes please!’ to Wendy Perriam’s latest

An Enormous Yes by Wendy PerriamThe Sunday Express has reviewed Wendy Perriam’s new novel ‘An Enormous Yes’ dubbing it ‘beautifully crafted and carefully paced’.

They go on to say: ‘It’s Wendy Perriam’s skill at characterisation that transforms this story from a good read into an outstanding one…All the characters avoid becoming caricatures thanks to Wendy Perriam’s descriptive powers and her ability to write such engaging dialogue.’

An Enormous Yes by Wendy Perriam is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%. Click here for an extract.

For the full review, head to the Sunday Express site.

The Spectator Reviews ‘The Politics of Washing’ by Polly Coles

Politics of Washing by Polly ColesThe Spectator have reviewed The Politics of Washing: Real Life in Venice by Polly Coles, dubbing it ‘more cerebral than most Venetian travelogues or fictions’.

They go on to say that ‘Venice deserves this dose of perspicacious pragmatism’ and that Coles writes ‘fantastically well’ and clearly has both knowledge and wit.

To read more of the review, click here. You can order your copy here.

The Bookbag Reviews A Crown of Despair by Jenny Mandeville

A Crown of Despair by Jenny MandevilleA Crown of Despair by Jenny Mandeville, published last month, is the story of Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife, Katherine Parr.

The lovely folks over The Bookbag have reviewed the book, dubbing it ‘totally absorbing’ but warning that, while there was occasion to giggle, this is ‘a story for all but the extremely anatomically squeamish’.

‘Jenny Mandeville has gone where the likes of Philippa Gregory may have feared to tread, a daring that works well and that I can’t help but applaud heartily.’

For the full review, click here. To order your copy now, check out our website.

Gardens Illustrated Reviews ‘Growing For Food and Colour’ by Graham Clarke

Growing cover:Layout 1Gardens Illustrated have reviewed the gorgeous ‘Growing for Food & Colour’ by Graham Clarke.

‘this is a solid book that a beginner gardener can turn to again and again for good advice’ – Gardens Illustrated

In their review, Gardens Illustrated said that the book has ‘everything… a beginner might need’ and is ‘detailed and thorough’. The review goes on to say that ‘this is a solid book that a beginner gardener can turn to again and again for good advice’. Clarke’s voice is also described as being ‘warm, humorous and authoritative’.


Over the past four or five years in the UK, the grow-your-own phenomenon has meant that more and more people have been producing their own food. From salads and root crops to apples, cucumbers, squashes and strawberries, home-grown food is enjoyed in ever-increasing quantities.

And why not? Growing your own provides exercise, nutritious food, and gardeners can choose their favourite varieties for taste or yield. But what about those who want to grow their own, but perhaps have a small garden, and do not want to lose its decorative appeal? How can they combine growing their own food with flowers and colour?

Growing for Food and Colour shows that it really is possible to cultivate fruits, vegetables and herbs alongside flowers – and that the beauty of the garden can be enhanced rather than compromised by productive plants. Following the advice in this book will enable the reader to enjoy home-grown food that is fresher, healthier and tastier – but which also looks fantastic.

Growing for Food & Colour by Graham Clarke is available to buy now

Outdoors Magic Reviews ‘Marathon Training’ by Nikalas Cook

Marathon Training by Nikalas CookNow is the time for those hoping to compete in next year’s London Marathon to start their training – and our guide, Marathon Training, will get you to the start line strong and injury-free.

Here’s what Outdoors Magic thought of the book:

If you’ve always fancied completing a marathon, but been put off by the prospect of massively hard, high-mileage training programmes, Nik’s book might just be the answer . . . readable, well-illustrated and logically set out.

For the full review, check out Outdoors Magic.

Marathon Training by Nikalas Cook is available to buy now with a limited time only discount of 30%