Juxtabook reviews The Dance of Love by Angela Young

The Dance of Love Angela YoungJuxtabook describes The Dance of Love by Angela Young as ‘a delight from cover to cover, a bringer of pure pleasure’, adding that ‘this is a truly charming story, beautifully told’.

The review goes on to say that this ‘great treat’ will soon be working its way into ‘becoming a timeless classic’.

The full review can be found at Juxtabook.

To find out just what a Titanic struggle it was for Angela to write the book, check out her guest post here. Alternatively, you can find out more about Angela at her website.

The Dance of Love is available to pre-order now with our paperback imprint Buried River Press.

Lothian Life calls David Atkinson’s Love Byte ‘delightful’ and ‘quirky’

9781910208014Lothian Life have reviewed Edinburgh-based romantic comedy Love Byte by David Atkinson and are impressed by the balance the author strikes in this ‘quirky’ tale.

‘It’s not an easy course to follow, but David Atkinson gets the balance just right and has produced a delightful romantic comedy that will make great holiday reading.’

For the full review, check out Lothian Life.

Love Byte is available to buy now.

Novelicious calls Cicely’s King Richard ‘beautiful yet poignant’

cicely's king richardNovelicious have reviewed the first Buried River Press title: Cicely’s King Richard by Sandra Heath Wilson.

The reviewer said she was ‘immediately drawn into [Cicely’s] story‘ and ‘Cicely was really brought to life, with her heart and soul bursting from the pages in this beautiful yet poignant love story‘. She goes on to say that ‘as a woman, [Cicely] was ahead of her time‘.

Cicely’s King Richard by Sandra Heath Wilson is available to pre-order now.

For the full review, click here.

The Bookbag Reviews ‘A Strange Inheritance’ by Mark Neilson

A Strange Inheritance by Mark NeilsonThe Bookbag have reviewed Mark Neilson’s new novel ‘A Strange Inheritance’, calling it ‘heart warming’ and a ‘feel-good story’. The reviewer also delighted in descriptions of North Yorkshire, adding:

Mark Neilson has the sounds perfectly – which might sound odd, but once you’ve been to the area you know exactly what he means.’

A Strange Inheritance is out 31 July 2012 and is available to pre-order now with a limited time only discount of 30%


Everybody dreams of a surprise inheritance and one comes to Meg at her lowest ebb, a letter, from an uncle she has never heard of, leaving her a derelict mill and bakery in a Yorkshire dale. With the gift comes a strange final request, asking her to ‘help close the circle’.

Meg visits the mill, falls in love with the place and its surroundings and throws herself into the challenge of rebuilding the old business. In the process she finds new friends – and a new love. But at the back of her mind are the questions of who exactly was the dead Henry Masterton – and why did he leave Meg everything he owned?

For the full review, click here.

Eurocrime Reviews ‘Identity Crisis’ by Bill Kitson

Identity Crisis by Bill KitsonEurocrime have reviewed Bill Kitson’s Identity Crisis, calling it a “thrilling, well-plotted story”. The latest in a long line of Mike Nash crime thrillers, Identity Crisis follows the Helmsdale police force as they try to track down The Cremator, a sadistic serial killer.

Eurocrime had the following to say about Kitson’s books:

“His books are always very carefully researched and have irresistible gripping plots, that seamlessly weave themes of multi-dimensional crime, with excellent character back stories. Very well recommended.”

Identity Crisis by Bill Kitson is available to buy now.

For the full review, check out Eurocrime’s website.

The Bookbag Reviews The Lonely Furrow by Pamela Kavanagh

The Lonely Furrow by Pamela KavanaghThe lovely folks over at The Bookbag have reviewed Pamela Kavanagh‘s book The Lonely Furrow, ahead of its publication at the end of the month, saying that it had ‘endearing’ characters, ‘a real sense of location’ and is ‘perfect if you want a relaxing holiday or wet-Sunday-afternoon read’.

The Lonely Furrow by Pamela Kavanagh will be published on 31st May 2012 and is available to pre-order now.

For the full Bookbag review, check out the link here.


Disaster strikes the Drummond family with the collapse of the Glasgow Bank which results in them losing their business and subsequently their respectable place in society. For Nathan, this spells the end of his dream of an engineering career and also his betrothal to his beloved Isobel.

When an unexpected inheritance saves the day there are mixed feelings when the Drummonds are forced to leave their comfortable Glasgow home for a run-down farm in Shropshire. Chrissie, the little Highland maid, goes with them and proves a godsend during the difficult months, despite her secret, and increasingly strong, love for Nathan.

Can the family keep the shame of their past hidden? And can Nathan learn to manage the farm and also recognize love for the girl who is keeping his family together?

Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds Review on MyShelf

In the recent Myshelf review of Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds, written by Hale writing team Steve Hayes and David Whitehead, the book was called “refreshing” and “different”.

“…you can expect a fast-paced and intriguing tale with plenty of action and a good feel for the seamy side of Victorian London.”

Read the full review at MyShelf

To see what Hayes and Whitehead think about writing as a team, check out our author interview with the pair.


Thomas Howard of Missouri came out of nowhere, one foggy night, to rescue Countess Elaina Montague from rape and robbery. He was in England, he said, to find his brother, who had disappeared. To repay him, the beautiful Countess offered to enlist her friend, Sherlock Holmes, to help in the search.

At the time Holmes was investigating a rash of audacious jewel-thefts, and much to Watson’s dismay spending altogether too much time at the music-hall. But because the Great Detective felt that there was more to the mysterious Mr Howard than met the eye, he accepted the case.

This in turn led to their involvement in a vicious blood-feud, a spectacular – not to mention death-defying – daylight robbery, the possibility of a serious diplomatic incident and finally, a thrilling climax below the brooding River Thames.

Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds is out now in hardback